Monday, September 19, 2016

Calling out foodies in Orlando, Florida!

Living in Chicago most of my life with a short stay in Pittsburgh early on, you think that all cities have the same restaurants, food specialties, and late night food as in Chicago. I'm a foodie, in my town Chicago, the food opportunities are endless from pizza, steaks, hot dogs, burgers, BBQ, popcorn, candy, Mexican, Asian, seafood, family restaurants, mom and pop diners and fresh meats to just name a few.

All of these delights can be found in every neighbor with their own added flair being added to separate themselves from the others. Not to mention each ethnic group with their own food creations from their countries, Chicago is a melting pot of food treasures waiting to be experienced by all.

Now, I'm not ignorant to understand that there is no comparison between a major metropolitan city and a city of tourism and retirees, but to my surprise after moving to Orlando, Florida this is not the case. I might add there is a high concentration of Caribbean food from other transplants into this city such as my self. I've searched and searched for the same types of foods and even though there are some, I'm sorry to say at the moment the search is still on and I'm "Calling out foodies in Orlando, Florida" to help complete this search with your highly awaited recommendations.

There are hidden gems in this city, which needs to be exposed by the faithful foodies of this nice city. Chain restaurants and the familiar fast food joints are excluded so please don't tell how great the local McDonald's, Popeye's or Taco Bell is. I'm a hunter for good food in every city I visit while late night eats makes the finds even more appealing.

Understand coming from Chicago you can find all food types in big portions at all times of the day to please all appetites, budgets and taste buds and from sun up to the next sun up the only requirement is that you may need transportation. Orlando's restaurants in some cases definitely support the notion that eating late night is not good for the health by closing most of their establishments between
8-9 pm. I thought this may be true due to Floridians wanting to be and look their best for the beach and fitting into the newest bikini. For some it's not about being perfect in looks but the fellowship of bonding with friends, meeting new people over great food while sharing your experiences with others such as myself who want to align themselves with the best eateries the city has to offer, these events can also be classified as recreational events as well.

Now as when begin this exploration together I look forward to hearing of your experiences and truth-telling of the best places to eat in Orlando, now lets not exclude great places to eat outside of Orlando if you have some. I'm willing to travel, one of my favorite spots from Chicago opened in Brandon, Florida this year named Portillo's, where you will find Chicago hot dogs, Italian beefs and Maxwell street polishes lest not forget the Charbroiled burgers which is definitely different from your normal burger, with Adam Richman from Man vs Food on the Travel channel giving the thumbs up for the Taco bus in Tampa for authentic Mexican food don't let the set up of a yellow school bus fool you their open late By the way if you have not tried both, you must! I will tell going forward of the tasty choices I have experienced but I need those hidden gems.

Help! Orlando, Calling out foodies in Orlando!

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