Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hmm…finding the right Pizza

The discussion continues Chicago vs New York style pizza, naturally being from Chicago my vote for is my hometown. I could eat pizza everyday if need be so it has to be right, deep dish or thin crust , it doesn’t matter  as long as it’s good. Before I came to Orlando I was told by some who visited that I might as well eat my fill if possible before leaving because when I get there it will be a wrap for a good italian pie, something about Florida being below the sea level so baked goods don’t rise well so give up on any goods that need dough for foods, that includes bakeries.
Sweats begins for me as I hollar ” What no good pizza?” How could this be, pizza is a simple dish, no complication, hell I’ve even tried my hand making it homemade, with no complaints I might add, it doesn’t hurt being a cook at Pizza Hut early on and having their pans to bake in. So now I’m here and after searching online to find the best pizza I come across Papa Johns as number one on the list, great another chain restaurant.
Searching, I find one in my neighborhood which I will leave name less until I do my list of top ten best and worst foods in Orlando, I’ll be sure to make David Letterman proud. Back to the bad pizza, how do you order a saugage and cheese pizza to get a pizza which looks like it has uneven sliced hot dogs while being told it’s not, but wait for it…I was wrong people SMOKED saugage is what they call those unfamiliar pieces along with soggy dough.
Learning that education is key to understanding what you get for your money, sausage on a pizza that I know is fresh ground pork made with fennel seed, garlic, pepper and other spices that are familiar to that restaurant. I know call me whiney and spoiled but there is a reason pizza is one of the treats you must experience while in Chicago, if I was wrong I wouldn’t see numerous people logging around frozen Giordano’s or Gino’s pizza home on the plane for anxious awaiting loved ones. This signifies love people.
Mentioning earlier that Chicago stlye pizza is my first choice but after eating the likes of chain pizza, New York pizza can be my favorite while here but that is a hit or miss choice as well. It seems Orlando is the place that folks come to try their hand at opening their first restaurant maybe due to the fact that so many visitors frequent this city that the number one rule on the business plan is to slap the words Authentic or the most popular “New York Stlye” in from of the cuisine, figuring there tourist here to see Mickey, they won’t know the difference, they can even go home to say not only did we see Mickey and his buddies at Disney but we got a taste of New York City. I’ve never lived in New York but I would take a guess that New Yorkers would be offended by the looseness of there great cities name wrongly used.
Tell me foodies where is the best pizza in Orlando to be sought after by any name as long as it’s good I’ll try it.
Help! Orlando, Calling out foodies in Orlando!


  1. Papa Johns? Man, I feel for you:)

  2. Yeah, I can see you live in Illinois so you understand what I mean about REAL PIZZA! Don't get me wrong Papa John's has it's place but for what we want this is not it.
    Thanks for the response.